Camping Rupit

Camping Rupit

Safari Tent Tendi 2 bedrooms

7 nights with an arrival from 30-06-2018

  • Safari Tent Tendi 2 bedrooms
  • Date of arrival Sat 30 June 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
€ 519
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Swimming pools for adults & children
Trips to Barcelona, Rupit or the Sau Reservoir
And more...
Picturesque location in the mountains
Family campsite or nature lovers
Children's entertainment

Swimming pools for adults & children

Rupit Campsite is a fantastic place for families who would like to discover another side of Spain. A holiday here is incredibly well suited to discovering the back country of Catalonia.Take a refreshing dip in the pool and try out Catalonian specialitiesRupit Campsite is situated at the foot of the Pyrenees directly on the border with France.The medieval village of the same name (Rupit) is roughly five minutes’ walk from the campsite.

Here you can get what you need at the local bakery or butcher shop or try out some tasty Catalonian specialities in one of the cosy restaurants.
In the middle of the campsite there is a historic building. There you can find a range of facilities that will make your holiday complete: a swimming pool with an adjacent paddling pool for children and a restaurant that serves regional dishes. There is also plenty to do at the campsite for children. In addition to the playground there is also some children’s entertainment on offer.

On Rupit Campsite you stay in luxurious safari tents. The safari tents are comfortably furnished with their own kitchenette and great beds. The Tendi safari tents are placed on flat spaces that are partly covered with grass. You can find more information about the tents below under “accommodation”.

Go hiking through nature or visit the world-famous city of Barcelona

Do you like being surrounded by nature? Then a stay at Rupit Campsite is perfect for you. The campsite is situated in Vall de Sau Collsacabra, which consists mainly of mountains, gorges, rivers and lakes. People who love canoeing, hiking and mountain biking will get great value for their money here. Of course you can also visit the Costa Brava and the world famous city of Barcelona, which is roughly 110 kilometres away. Book your holiday at Rupit Campsite now!
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