Domaine des Messires

Domaine des Messires

Safari Tent Tendi

7 nights with an arrival from 30-06-2018

  • Safari Tent Tendi
  • Date of arrival Sat 30 June 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
€ 460
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Swimming in the private lake
Visit the picturesque town of Lac de Gérardmer
And more...
Right by the lake
Family campsite for nature lovers
Restaurant with impressive views

Swimming in the private lake

Swimming in a private lakeAre you looking for a beautiful holiday destination in the midst of untouched nature that is also reachable by car from Germany in only a few hours? Domaine des Messires is most likely the perfect place for you and your family. Lots of fun in the water and beautiful views are awaiting you.

Domaine des Messires is surrounded by the beautiful landscapes on the Vosges.

In addition to that the campground has its own swimming lake for the children to have lots of fun. The town called Herpelmont is only 1.5 kilometres away. Here you will find a bakery and a butcher shop. You can enjoy your holiday at the campsite Domaine des Messires in the middle of the beautiful landscapes.

Entertainment is provided as well: Apart from swimming and canoeing on the lake there a variety of other games and sports to play on the campsite. A restaurant with a bar is also available to just relax for a while. Right next to the reception you will find a small shop where you can buy fresh bread daily.

Tendi safari tents at Camping Domaine des Merssires

At Domaine des Messires you can stay in a luxurious safari tent. Our newly developed Tendi safari tents offer a pleasant and comfortable layout: They all have a fully equipped kitchen as well as great bedrooms. The Tendi safari tents are located on an area separated from the rest of the campsite with a beautiful view of the lake.


The Vosges have been through rough times, which is why they have a comprehensive history. Starting with the Celts, to the Romans and until the First and Second World War. In addition to the interesting history the region it also offers natural springs and waterfalls. Near the campsite there is also a town called Vittel which is a health resort and is the name of a very popular mineral water. Next to the diverse nature this region is also inhabited by foxes, deer, wild boar and badgers. The Parc Naturel Règional des Ballons des Vosges is perfect area for hikes. If you want to explore the region by car we suggest the Route des Cretes.
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