Campings in Vendée

Campsites in the Vendée

Remain lying on the beach at low tide....

In this area there are the most extensive beaches and the most delicious oysters. The Vendee is waiting to be discovered. If you come to France to rest at sea, choose a camp site in this region.

The coast 

The Vendée is a hidden treasure on the West Coast, full of wide sandy beaches. This region is also very quiet and is the ideal place to rest. Due to the low tide you can find many shellfish directly on the sand. You can walk along the beach of the campsite and relax with the waves.

The best seafood! 

To taste the best seafood specialties, head to the fishing village of Les Sables d'Olonne. Here you can taste oysters, mussels, sardines or tuna. If you love cycling you can take advantage of the landscape of the Vendée which is flat and has a few low hills here and there. Bike paths wind through the farmlands and pastures. The Vendee also includes two islands, including Noirmoutier, the largest.

Campsites in the Vendée

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 24 degrees 


The eighteenth century uprising in the Vendee influenced traditions, monuments and national character


Unique bocage, marshes, dunes, cliffs and sandy beaches 


'Prefou': warm, flat Farmers bread with garlic and especially oysters! 


Troussepinette (wine) in all colours and flavours

Campings in Vendée


Le Jardin des Olfacties

Le Jardin des Olfacties is not only a garden but also an experience plurisensitiva. 3,500 different species and the Passage de l'Enfer: an area dedicated to plants and poisonous flowers.



In the Vendée you can’t avoid the necessary foraging through the pleasant markets. The best place is Saint Jean des Monts, where you find home-made jam, fish pasties, shellfish and fish, fruit, but also ‘fleur de sel’ and ‘samphire’. 


Les Sables d'Olonne

The two kilometre long sandy beach and the beautiful port of Les Sables d'Olonne form a popular seaside resort. Are you fond of narrow and beautiful streets? Then you should definitely go. 


Vendée Globe Tour

Once every four years the sailors from Les Sables d'Olonne join the non-stop solo Vendée Globe tour. It really is a spectacle.