Camping Défiplanet

Camping Défiplanet

Indoor and outdoor pools
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A unique holiday experience
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Indoor and outdoor pools

In collaboration with DéfiPlanet Leisure Park, Domaine de Dienné Campsite offers the perfect setting for a fairy tale holiday that is closely in touch with nature. This highly unique holiday resort is situated in Dienné, a small community in the Poitou-Charentes region of France which lies approximately 30 kilometres south east of Poitiers.

Défiplanet in Dienné is a leisure park that consciously aims to raise awareness of the beauty of nature among both children and adults. Domaine de Dienné Campsite offers themed accommodation to correspond with this idea. Here you can experience glamping in an entirely different way. Enjoy an unusual yet completely unforgettable fairy tale holiday in a treehouse, circus wagon or forest cabin. To add to the unique accommodation, there is also a varied activity programme with which guests are sure to get their money’s worth.

Swimming, walking and other activities

Domaine de Dienné Campsite offers two swimming pools, one of which is covered with a retractable roof so that you can enjoy unlimited swimming time regardless of the weather. The small wellness spa with sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi offers the perfect place to relax. During the months of July and August the resort organises an entertaining activity programme for children. A neighbouring riding school offers various treks with ponies and horses. In the community of Dienné there are 204 officially registered ponds that contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity and offer amphibians, reptiles and dragon flies a protected space to live. You are allowed to fish in some ponds.

DéfiPlanet Leisure Park

You will experience the spirit of nature in a unique way at DéfiPlanet Leisure Park. There are 26 different stations at which you have to make the right decisions and solve the puzzles to unlock the answers of how we will save our planet. Fun and games are always at the forefront of the experience. Discover various model villages and different animals from around world including camels, llamas, yaks and magical forests in which elves and goblins live.The final test involves climbing high up into the treetops. Défiplanet offers an informative and interactive journey for the whole family.

Living in the land of fairy tales

Have you always wanted to live in a house high up in the treetops or sleep in a cabin hidden in the woods? Or live like circus performers in a rustic wagon? All your dreams will finally come true at Domaine de Dienné Campsite where you are in for a true adventure! Spend your holiday in a rustic tree house, a quaint hut in the woods, a comfortable circus wagon with alcoves or in a modern chalet.

Fairy tales and adventures build up a healthy appetite!

Hungry after all that action? It’s just as well that Domaine de Dienné Campsite has its own restaurant where you have the choice between three different menus! You can also get your dinner to go so that you can enjoy a shared family meal on your own terrace. Another alternative is the small takeaway that offers simple snacks. All accommodation is equipped with a kitchen so that you can cater to your family’s needs. You can grab all the ingredients you need at the on-site minimarket as well as in the supermarkets in Poitiers or at one of the lively local weekly markets in the surrounding area.
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