Camping le Tournesol

Camping le Tournesol

Safari Tent Tendi 2 bedrooms

7 nights with an arrival from 30-06-2018

  • Safari Tent Tendi 2 bedrooms
  • Date of arrival Sat 30 June 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
€ 419
Accommodation and availablility More accommodation (2)
Heated pool
VisitSainte-Geneviève, Saint-Flour and Conques
And more...
Located in a hilly area
Family campsite in nature
Entertainment team for children

Heated pool

Camping Le Tournesol is a great campsite. Here, you and your family can enjoy the quiet and green ambience of Aveyron.

The heated pool is guaranteed fun for the whole family. Camping Le Tournesol is located in a town called Banes and it offers an amazing view of the Aubrac. If you are interested in French cuisine then you should definitely visit the local market of Sainte-Geneviève. The 6km ride to the torn is also worth a visit and to spend a evening relaxing with your family.

Relaxation for the parents, fun for the children

The close by medieval manor house from the 18th century is definitely worth a visit and the excellent facilities will make your holiday at Le Tournesol memorable. There is something to do for all family members. For example you can go for a swim in the heated pool or relax in the sauna. A small whirlpool is on the campsite as well. And If you aren’t in the mood for cooking, why not visit the restaurant and enjoy the French specialty. Here, you can also have a drink while your children have fun playing ping-pong. In the morning there will be a service for you to have breakfast so that you and your children can start the day right. Bread rolls can be ordered in advance at the local bakery.

Families who like to be busy all holiday are at the right place in the beautiful landscapes of Le Tournesol. Lakes and picturesque river valleys like the Gorges du Truyère make this place even more beautiful. In the surrounding areas of Camping Le Tournesol you can go on exciting canoe tours for example. Hikers and mountain bikers can look forward to exploring the area. In the mood for a cultural day trip? Visit one of the many French villages such as Conques and Saint-Flour.

A different type of accommodation: the Tendi safari tent.

At Camping Le Tournesol you will stay in one of our luxurious Tendi safari tents. This well designed safari tent is furnished especially for it to be cosy for you. It offers a simple but fully equipped kitchen and very comfortable beds. The Tendi safari tents are positioned for you so you have a nice view of the fields. For pictures and more information about the Tendi safari tents go to “accommodation”.
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