Safaritent Comfort

Safaritent Comfort

Experience the real safari feeling, with a private shower and toilet within your accommodation!

No accommodation will bring you closer to nature. Our Safaritents are on great campsites that have a lot of space and tranquility. The accommodation is well equipped with sturdy wooden furniture. 

A day in the Safaritent

What could be more fun than sleeping in such an amazing Safaritent? In the morning you will be awakened by the sounds of nature. You will have your own shower and toilet. Then it's time for a breakfast under the canopy with the wooden furniture to provide some extra atmosphere.

Chris Hill

The children love camping as they think its fantastic! Especially in such a comfortable Safaritent.

Living area

The safari tent is completely open at the front. The tent has a kitchen with a four burner gas hob and a fridge freezer. There is an extensive inventory, so leave your camping dishes at home. 


Stay the night in a double bed whilst the kids enjoy the bunk beds


The Safaritents are super luxurious with a private shower and toilet.


Have dinner with the family at the sturdy wooden table.

Why choose this accommodation type?

The most adventurous way of camping!
Campsites surrounded by nature
fully equipped kitchen
The "comfort" version has its own bathroom