Sustainability policy

Sustainability policy

Look mum, there's a deer!

Running through the surf, tasting local delicacies, walking through an overwhelmingly beautiful nature reserve and trying to find the way with hands and feet ... Unique experiences, unique memories. An experience that you do not only give yourself but also your children, grandchildren and the generations afterwards? We are committed to this.

Mission Viaselect Leisure Group: 'Sustainable tourism business'

"Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable society and to sustainable tourism entrepreneurship. The aim of our policy is to minimize the negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic consequences of our products and business processes. We support and motivate our suppliers to use a better sustainability standard. We create more awareness among our employees and encourage responsible travel behavior among our customers. "

In order to meet this mission, we have set objectives in a sustainability policy plan for the short, medium and long term *. Moreover, a number of measures are already in force within our organisation. In order to monitor the sustainability policy plan and create support, a sustainable tourism-team has been appointed, they meet every two weeks and report to the management and Travelife.

 * Short term: within 1 year, medium term: within 3 years, long term: within 5 years.

Insight into policy plan?

Do you wish to have access to the extensive version of our policy plan? Send an e-mail to

Campingselection is Travelife certified

After successfully completing the Travelife certification process, we may call ourselves Travelife certified since this year. Travelife is the leading international sustainability certification in the travel sector. Through our participation we give commitment to sustainable and corporate social responsibility.

About Travelife

Introducing the Bohemian Lodge

Once the Bohemian Lodge was an outdated mobile home. However, after a thorough restyling with sustainable materials, the lifespan of this now tough and comfortable glamping accommodation has doubled from ten to twenty years. 

Our colleagues

We give our employees a warm heart. A social policy as prescribed by law is used within our organisation. Of course, every employee can make use of this. In addition, our employees benefit from a number of attractive secondary employment conditions.

We have already achieved the set objectives.

Our internal organisation

We naturally already focus on separating and reducing waste. We also look critically at purchasing sustainable office supplies or environmentally friendly decisions in this regard. We also make a donation to charity every year.

Objective # 1: compensate CO² emissions from business and study trips (already achieved).

Objective # 2: create and maintain awareness amongst our employees (current).

Objective # 3: expansion of 'green' measures internal implementation (already achieved).

Objective # 4: calculating our CO² footprint as a company and on that basis taking the right actions (current).

Our suppliers

We are currently working hard to motivate, inspire and inform our partners to implement a sustainable policy. Some examples of objectives:

Objective # 1: regularly update suppliers ** about our DTO developments to motivate and inspire them (remains current)

Objective # 2: take sustainability criteria into account when entering into a partnership. The supplier must indicate which criteria he meets so that we can make this transparent and then findable for our customers (ready).

Objective #3: Include a clause in our contracts: Corporate Social Responsibility: The contractor hereby declares that he / she is not guilty of child labour, child abuse, corruption, bribery and environmental pollution. In addition, the contractor must comply with the generally applicable international, national and local laws.

** Suppliers include our agents, camping and holiday park owners and external parties.

Your transport

With us you book a stay based on your own transport. Research shows that after the train and coach the car with an occupancy of at least 4 people causes the lowest environmental impact - air pollution plus global warming - per passenger (source: Travelife). It's possible to compensate your emissions via Greenseat. Greenseat thus invests in sustainable projects worldwide. Click here to go to the website of Greenseat and calculate / compensate your emissions.

If you want to travel locally, take a look at the possibilities to catch the bus or train. Campsites and parks often have a shuttle service available to the beach, city center or other places of interest. Besides the fact that you travel more sustainably, you also come into contact with the local population more quickly. A fun trip with the whole family!

Objective: adding a possibility in the book process to compensate the CO 2 emissions of your holiday (aim: medium term).

Your stay

Within our range, we have made an inventory of the campsites and holiday parks that already carry a sustainability mark.

Objective # 1: campsites and holiday parks that meet the sustainability criteria on our website as such (short term).

Objective # 2: make campsites and holiday parks that meet the sustainability criteria visible on our website d.m.v. a search criteria in the search module (short term).

Objective # 3: inform and motivate campsites and holiday parks about sustainable initiatives (current).

Objective # 4: when entering into a partnership, take into account the sustainability criteria and point to the new clause in the contract (ready).

Our destinations

With us you book a car holiday in Europe. These holiday countries meet European standards and criteria. Extremely welcoming areas that are protected by local authorities. Our local suppliers take responsibility for this themselves. We do, however, like to make you aware of the forbidden souvenirs in Europe, such as certain shells, seahorses, coral, exotic plants or cultural goods from antiquity.

Both our local suppliers and our local staff have signed up to not be guilty of child labor, child abuse, corruption, bribery and environmental pollution. In addition, they must comply with generally applicable international, national and local laws.

Objective: to inform our customers about the do's & don'ts by means of the travel documents when celebrating a responsible holiday (ready in a number of languages, will be sent by e-mail before departure).

How can you contribute?

Thank you! Together with us you contribute to a sustainable future. Travelling, discovering other cultures and admiring beautiful areas will not only remain accessible for you, but also for future generations.

Do you want to contribute during your holiday?

  • By booking an excursion on the spot, you contribute to the local economy.
  • By visiting a restaurant you contribute to the local economy.
  • By buying local products and souvenirs you contribute to the local economy.
  • By visiting a city by public transport you contribute to the environment.
  • By cycling or walking at your holiday destination you contribute to the environment.
  • By being careful with water and electricity you contribute to the environment.
  • By traveling on the days when there is less traffic you contribute to the environment; less traffic means less CO2 emissions. Make use of change days other than Saturday, such as Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Respect nature; stay on the paths and leave everything whole.

Go on holiday by car?

Relaxing at the wheel, driving safely, saving fuel and contributing to a better environment? 

You've probably heard about it in recent years: With this other way of driving you can quickly save 10% to 20% fuel. This not only provides a financial benefit for your wallet, but also a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases and harmful substances. In addition, it is also that it is better for your car and therefore less maintenance and repairs are needed. And also not unimportant: it ensures better driving safety.

Tips for preparation of the trip:
Think carefully about the journey before departure; determine a good departure time and avoid the rush as much as possible.
Avoid unnecessary weight in the car and take care of your car. Do not place heavy items in the back. 
Only use a roof box, bike rack or roof rack if this is really necessary; this provides the necessary air resistance.
Maintain the car well and always ensure the correct and sufficient oil.
Ensure good tire pressure.

Tips for the journey:
At low speeds, switch to a higher gear (between 2000 and 2500 rpm) and rely on the revolution counter as a guide for shifting.
Drive as fast as possible at a steady speed with a low speed in the highest gear.
At 50 kilometres per hour driving in 4th gear and at 80 kilometres per hour driving in 5th gear.
Look ahead and estimate the driving behaviour of the other road users, so that you can anticipate this.
Keep sufficient distance at a traffic light or in a traffic jam so that the car can be rolled into the acceleration.
Keep to the speed limit.
If you make a short stop, such as an open bridge or traffic jam, then switch off the engine.
Avoid energy waste due to unnecessary use of electrical equipment such as air conditioning and rear window heating. On a warm day, first open the doors to let out the heat, so that the air conditioning does not have to work that hard. 
And did you know that there are applications for your phone that help you save fuel?