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European Research with Campingselection: 

  • Germans are the most loved and English are least favourite neighbours in Europe
  • Dutch were narrowly behind Germans in second place
  • More than a quarter of Europeans would like to choose their neighbouring nationals at campsites in advance
  • One third of campers admit to watching neighbours during their stay 

Warrington, 28th August 2016 

Most liked and disliked:

Germans are the most liked neighbours at our campsites. This was evident from the European Research from Campingselection. Nearly one fifth (19%) of 2000 reviews from across Europe shows them as most pleasant neighbouring campers, narrowly followed by the Dutch (18%). As many as a quarter of the British like seeing a Dutch family next to their mobile home or tent. Dutch themselves consider all foreigners and Belgians in particular as the most beloved neighbours.

Conversely, the English are very unpopular as neighbours. Most Europeans judge them as the noisiest and one fifth of Dutch people say the British are regarded as the noisiest. Germans are slightly nicer about the British. Italians on the other hand get on most with their own nationality as many Dutch do as well. One in ten hope that camping guests of their own nationality are their neighbours during their stays. 


The most annoying issues stated were noise from their neighbours (67%) or bad smells (49%). Examples of noise include: snoring, noisy sex, farmers and loud music.

Switzerland is regarded throughout Europe as the most expensive country to go on holiday. British, Germans and Dutch think they would need the highest holiday budget to stay there. Yet Switzerland is not the least popular country for camping which is Poland. The vast majority of respondents (17%) showed this country as least attractive. After that Slovenia follows with about eight percent. The most favourite camping country for the whole of Europe (41%) is Italy. France follows in second place (17%). However if we take away the Dutch reviews, France stands head and shoulders above the other countries as their favourite country. More than one third (34%) prefer staying in France during summer holidays. 

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About Campingselection & Glamping:

Campingselection is the glamping specialist in the Europe. Glamping stands for "glamorous camping" and is a trend that Campingselection has continued to expand with innovative products, many of them the first of their type in Europe. Campingselection is also one of the first glamping holiday providers, initially serving the Netherlands and then making it accessible to the rest of Europe, for consumers. Campingselection has the largest selection of glamping accommodation throughout Europe and is the market leader. Campingselection has, over time, developed its own range of glamping accommodation: such as the romantic "Lodge Suite," and also the "Airlodge 'where you can stare endlessly at the stars from your bed. Owner and director Loek van de Loo is seen by many site owners as the inspirer and innovator in the industry. Van de Loo is often consulted for the design and establishment of so-called glamping villages on campsites.


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