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Glamping remains one of the largest growing areas of the tourism market


'A Glamping cottage with a tree-house feeling'

Warrington, 25 January, 2017

Campingselection would like to introduce the Airdreamer, your glamping highlight of the upcoming holiday season. Loek van de Loo, director of Campingselection said: "Glamping is one of the main trends in the current tourism industry. Each season the numbers of Glamping guests are growing, and customers are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay, without losing the traditional camping feeling. The Airdreamer is the most stylish and spectacular Glamping product available today."

The Airdreamer is a cottage and tent in one and this Glamping accommodation consists of two floors. On the ground floor there is a lovely living room, a very well-equipped kitchen and a luxury bathroom with all mod cons. On the first floor, all travellers can experience the real feeling of camping as they stay in three separate sleeping tents with a total occupancy of six. In short, downstairs is luxury accommodation and upstairs is where you dream in natural surroundings.
Van de Loo said: "The Airdreamer already meets the requirements that will be increasingly demanded by the camper in the near future. This includes the greenery and space around it, the large amount of internal space available and customers looking for that individual ‘wow’ feeling."

Early Bookings for 'Glamping' have increased significantly
Campingselection introduced Glamping to the Netherlands in 2008 and then made this camping trend accessible throughout Europe. 'Glamping' is derived from 'glamorous' and 'camping' and shows that camping can be very luxurious and comfortable. Van de Loo said: "The Glamping market is growing much faster than the traditional camping market and the interest in special locations is particularly high. This trend started a few years ago and this season will only see this increase accelerated. Already we see, for example, a 21% increase in the number of early bookings compared to last year. For 2020 we expect a growth in regular camping products of about ten percent. By contrast, we anticipate an increase in demand for Glamping accommodation to be as much as twenty to thirty percent. "

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About Campingselection & Glamping:

Campingselection is the glamping specialist in the Europe. Glamping stands for "glamorous camping" and is a trend that Campingselection has continued to expand with innovative products, many of them the first of their type in Europe. Campingselection is also one of the first glamping holiday providers, initially serving the Netherlands and then making it accessible to the rest of Europe, for consumers. Campingselection has the largest selection of glamping accommodation throughout Europe and is the market leader. Campingselection has, over time, developed its own range of glamping accommodation: such as the romantic "Lodge Suite," and also the "Airlodge 'where you can stare endlessly at the stars from your bed. Owner and director Loek van de Loo is seen by many site owners as the inspirer and innovator in the industry. Van de Loo is often consulted for the design and establishment of so-called glamping villages on campsites.


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